DSL Internet Means High-Speed Internet

Too often your Internet connection is slow, sloppy and spotty when it should be fast, functional and straightforward. DSL Internet is super-fast and gives you the Internet freedom you need for a price you’ll love. DSL Internet service proves that cheap DSL is still quality DSL.

Cheap Internet with a rich feel

A fully-functioning Internet connection doesn’t have to come with an overwhelming price tag. DSL Internet service even offers a 5-year price lock, guaranteeing that you get cheap DSL service.

DSLInternet super-fast speeds can reach up to 40Mbps in some areas. With speeds that fast, you can finish the Internet tasks you need to, and then do the ones you want to.

  • Pay your water bill online, and then look up hotels for your upcoming weekend getaway.
  • Send an email to your boss, and then update your iTunes.
  • Renew your license on the DMV website, and then download a full-length movie to watch.

The fast speeds that DSL offers make downloading, uploading and everything in between easier than ever.

What makes DSL Internet high-speed Internet?

A pure broadband connection is sleek, fast and dedicated. DSL offers a pure broadband DSL connection that offers the download speeds to accomplish online tasks fast, while offering the dependability families need.

Having a pure broadband connection means you can have high-speed Internet without having a home phone. However, it’s easy and smart on your wallet to bundle and save with the addition of home phone.

Cheap DSL + Cheap home phone

Affordable and reliable, home phone is the perfect way to bundle your service. Even if you have the smartest of smartphones, a home phone has a few things to offer that cellphones don’t.


Smartphones are smart for many reasons, but one of those reasons is not reliability. Cellphone networks have chinks in their armor, and you can’t afford to be at a disadvantage in an emergency. A home phone helps take the risk out of any home situation.

Absolute convenience.

Even if you’re moving to a new home or apartment, it’s usually cheaper to get Internet and home phone together. Plus, the process to set up your home phone service is quick and easy. DSL is a great choice for you to bundle and save when it comes to cheap DSL and home phone service.

When it comes to DSL, cheap doesn’t mean low quality. Cheap simply means inexpensive. Call today to get the affordable, dependable and quality service you deserve. Ask how you can bundle HD TV service with DSLInternet service!